free fallin
I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart but you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start .
I was going to turn on anon to send this, but I won't even bother. I'm here only to say that 1. you don't know Nath and 2. you don't have the right to say that about her. I don't know you, and trust me I don't want to, but you are not better than her. I guarantee it. There's no one in the world better than that girl. She's the most wonderful person I know. And you hurting her makes me want to crush your scones. You just want attention and you just got some. Now go take yourself for a walk.

omg are being serious right now? do you even know what happened? do you know that she said on her twitter account that i hate her because she unfollowed me? probably not so please for the love of a god do your own business cause you dont why i cant stand her and why i have said those things. Ahahaah I dont need other people to get attention dear, i stand out on my own :) oh and i do whatever the fuck i want so “go out for a walk” my dick, bye have a nice life

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